Comedy Short Stories

The Tickler and Dr. Knowledge

          The story takes place in an ordinarily dull company within a large city where restaurants and crime are the norm. The dull company's headquarters had many employees with two standouts for their unique abilities. The first man had a talent in which he used tickles. The second had the ability to demonstrate his superior knowledge to everyone within earshot. As fate would have it the men became best of friends as they battled their foes in meeting after meeting. As their egos grew they became harder to cope with and meetings with them were challenging at best. A standard meeting with the two, affectionately referred to as the Tickler and Dr. Knowledge, would begin with stating the obvious in an overview of the topic. As the Dr. spoke with a level of fecal matter unmatched by any politician, the Tickler would interject with quips about secondary and tertiary meetings. The tag team duo was so efficient in their domination that the attendees would find themselves traveling outside their bodies to escape. This option only gave them temporary relief as the Tickler would implement his special ability of touching shoulders, arms and rubbing backs in an awkward and demeaning manor. Many members thought of death and welcomed it over the creepy sensations they received during these sessions. The meetings would only end through divine intervention. This showed itself in the form of the Tickler and Dr. Knowledge running out of the meeting after being alerted of other important tasks via cell phone email. Upon their departure, the remaining victims rejoiced in their release and set about to salvaging meaningful results.