Comedy Short Stories

Sweaty Kitty Litter Fur - A Nursery Rhyme for the Boy

          There once was a kitty named Mitty who lived in a chimney. This kitty named Mitty didn't like the summer time because of the mittens she had to wear. These mittens were big and bulky which added to her dismay. She would pace the halls of the chimney with a feverous pace. Each morning brought concern for the mid-day which concluded the evening with no relief for her sweaty mittens. Day after day her paws filed with kitty sweat and dirty kitty litter from unwashed mittens.

          The winter was nearing and Mitty desperately needed relief from her sweaty mittens. She wrote her favorite kitty magazine by the name of Kitty Litter Stuck in Your Fur. She posed the question of how her sweaty mittens could be cured. The kitty author of Kitty Litter Stuck in Your Fur, only replied with, "Dear kitty named Mitty who lives in a chimney with mittens, please remove your mittens in the summer!"