Comedy Short Stories

Hanging Out with the Punky Monkey - A Nursery Rhyme for the Girl

          The Punky Monkey was only a picture on the comfy blanket. The blanket was used by a small girl who liked to nap with her favorite comfy Punky Monkey. She would mimic the sounds of the Punky Monkey on command which caused a chuckle by her funky parents. She would never part her attention from the allure of the warmth and security of her pal the Punky Monkey. Her funky parents went to extreme measures to remove her talons from the gunky Punky Monkey. The funky parents had another comfy Punky Monkey blanket in reserve that they referred to as number two. While the hunky number two served its valiant tour of duty, the mechanically tuned washer cleaned the gunky Punky Monkey. The statically charged drier finished the job and the comfy Punky Monkey found its way back to the talons of the small girl. Her lovely smile filled the room and made the comfy Punky Monkey blush.