Comedy Short Stories

Explosion of Violence

           It all started in the grinding chamber of Bob. The bicuspids ground and destroyed it until it was unidentifiable and thus no characteristics of its former self. This scene would normally bother the squeamish but everyone expected this outcome. It moved out of the grinding chamber of crushing death down the esophagus of Bob where the darkness gave it some feeling of being buried. This bit of relief didn't last long for it as the coolness of the throat led to an increased level of heat. This ominous sign only intensified as it fell closer to the stomach. Just before it reached the store of strong acid it sighed and then dropped into the caustic liquid. It didn't scream but rather enjoyed the sensation of being liquefied and pushed out of the stomach. The path down the intestines was quick and rather a crappy experience. It was during this trek that it began to get excited. As it emerged from Bob's backside it let out a loud scream. This audible recognition of freedom was interpreted by Bob's ears as flatulence. As Bob let out a laugh of delight, his wife was none too pleased by the odor that lofted to her nasal cavity. As its smell carried throughout the space it was delighted to have the last laugh.