Comedy Short Stories

Terry the T

          It was late one evening during the Cretaceous period in what we know today as the western part of the United States lived Terry. He was just a juvenile and was the only child to his father Terry and his mother Teresa. He obviously didn't refer to them by their formal names but just plain mom and dad. His parents did the same and called him T-Bone as there were so many Terry's in the group that it proved difficult to gain the attention of whom they intended. This simple family had a sprawling living space on the outskirts of their group that T-Bone's mother expertly decorated in the latest trends of the time. It was common knowledge that his mother was closely watched by the other females in the group or more commonly known as a trend setter. T-Bone's father was kind to those in the group but vicious to anyone else as he helped support the group by bringing in food so that the preparers could produce the evenings feasts. His father had long hours and on occasion had to spend the night away in distant lands to find these things for his group. That left T-Bone plenty of time to explore the area where the group called home and play with all of his friends. Since he was so young his formal schooling hadn't started but he and his friends did pretend to be like their parents and entertained themselves in the hot and humid days. T-Bone was having the time of his life and as the day's light disappeared he was comforted by his mother as he drifted off into dream time. His last thoughts were of how proud he was to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

          There was only one small problem with T-Bone. He would pass out at the first site of blood. This put T-Bone into a lurch as his future was uncertain because he couldn't support the group by bringing in food for the preparers. T-Bone's father had carried this burden for many of the full grey orbs in the night's sky. This latest stressor for T-Bone's father was just another in a long line though his early years. The first and biggest of these was getting T-Bone to eat the daily catch and since it was a bit bloody, he had a tendency to pass out. It looked bleak for T-Bone's longevity in the Cretaceous but his parents didn't give up on him. His father thought tirelessly on how to make the daily catch less bloody but failed to come up with a solution. He was close to giving up when it happened. He came across a group of bipedal creatures that were standing and sitting around a bright sun on the ground. Upon further investigation he noticed that the bipedal creatures were being warmed by the bright sun on the ground. This visual event seemed to click a prehistoric lever in his brain and he knew that he needed a bright sun on the ground for the group. He meandered into their area with a bit of growl in his voice and revealed a bit of his pearly whites. This seemed to do the trick as they scattered quickly in every direction. Terry was now close enough to see that the bright sun on the ground contained large sticks from the nearby trees. He pulled one free from its grasp and had a pain shoot up his short arms. This experience trained his tiny brain that the bright sun on the ground hurt if touched. Terry was able to carefully grasp the non-bright sun on the ground end and made his way quickly to his group. The other group members were in awe of this new discovery and it wasn't long before the others had ripped a tree from a nearby hill. This displaced tree was placed next to the stick with the bright sun on the ground and in a moment it glowed intensely and heated the whole area. T-Bones father fixed a cooking stand above the bright sun on the ground and placed T-Bone's dinner upon it. After some time on the cooking stand it stopped bleeding and was ready for T-Bone to consume. Everyone in the group was shocked to see that T-Bone stayed conscience and really enjoyed his blazing hot dinner. This feat of fatherhood was admired by the other Terry's in the group and marked him in history as inventing the barbecue.