Comedy Short Stories


Since I enjoy using my limbs, I have agreed to put together this webpage for BigFoot. We had a long discussion around what kind of content he would like to include. He came up with posting various journal entries from his research for his new book. So, all I can say is enjoy?



6-4-2012 - Well, the leader of the Bipedal Group pulled one over on me today. He tells me that I would really like something in the garage called a lawnmower. I am peaked by his story of its importance to the world of Bipedal Groups so I venture into the garage and upon following his guidance, start the lawnmower. When the loud device’s noise levels out, I follow the second and most important part of the instructions. I place the running lawnmower on my head like a crown and as the leader of the Bipedal Group told me, this is the initiation, which is a word and concept I was unaware of at the time. So, when the spinning blade touched the top of my head, I stopped and threw the lawnmower across the garage as it bit the top of my head. As I tried to sooth the painful spot with my hand, I realized that my hair had been removed and I knew that I had been played as a backward BigFoot from the mountains. This upset me and I made him the object of my anger. It wasn’t until bedtime when the leader of the Bipedal Group pulled back the covers of his sleeping area when he noticed the fifty pound deposit I left him as a thank you.

6-3-2012 - This is my first post on the new webpage and it's pretty cool. Once we got over the issue of my gigantic fingers trying to use a tiny keyboard by using a headset with a recorder. Then the leader of the Bipedal Group, where I am currently living, types it out for me. You may wonder how I could persuade him to assist and it's really quite simple, the use of his limbs. With this being said, please feel free to enjoy the website and come back often as I plan to fill it up with wondrous things.

7-11-2012 - Hello to all my bipedal friends out there and would also do a shout out to my furry friends, but they don't have any computers or Internet to get this. It has been quite some time since I last posted to the page. You are probably wondering what I have been up to. I simply have been enjoying the bipedal luxuries and haven't spent any time working on the novel. My adventures in the bipedal world have been fascinating and will surely enrich the content of my story. I will sign off for now bipedal fans.

7-25-2012 - Finally back at the finishing the book after several months of falling off the radar so I could surround myself in the underworld of the Bipeds. I found out quickly that the so called Bipedial plastic card of loans is not what I expected. It seems that the BigFoot currency doesn't suffice the requirements of those that keep the plastic card of loans. So, I must finish my book quickly and get it published in order to stay with the current Bipedial family I am with as the plastic card of loan collectors are after me. Will send further updates as time permits.


5-30-2012 - Walked the dogs around the neighborhood on this awesome evening. I was having a great night until i got home. Bigfoot greats me at the door and wants a walk. I didn't want to walk anymore but after a swirly, i agreed to take him out to freak the neighbors.

6-3-2012 - For those following the latest on BigFoot hanging around the house and working on his novel, I have good news. To complement his FaceBook page, he now has his own website and you should check it out. He will be posting periodic journal entries that should be entertaining!

6-4-2012 - Sitting and waiting for the Big Bob to show up. Then off to the office for fun and drinking!

6-6-2012 - I was sitting in the house relaxing when I hear a car horn from outside. At first I didn't think much of it until it went off several more times. I got up and upon opening the front door, I see a car sitting in the driveway. It took a moment for me to comprehend what I was looking at. BigFoot was crammed in the car laying on the horn and waving his arms at me. I started to laugh uncontrollably at him as he was in a convertible down Miata. His hair looked like he tangled with a wind tunnel and he was horribly stuck. It took quite some time to dislodge him and even longer to calm him down. In short, the used car salesman had pulled a fast one on him. Priceless!

6-9-2012 - Char, Scott, BigFoot and I are at IHOP. BigFoot got the all you can pancakes and the restaurant wasn't happy. On the bright side he likes pancakes and all the different flavor syrups.

6-10-2012 - I can officially say that my legs are crushed as BigFoot decided to lay across me in bed as he go scared in his room.

6-12-2012 - Huge weekend planned as BigFoot has company coming into town and with a literal arm twist they are staying at our house. Yeah us!

6-25-2012 - For those avid fans who are drooling for a BigFoot update here you go. If you last remember I left off with an impending BigFoot family reunion at our house. We got to meet all of his aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and a handful of abominable snowman buddies from the Himalayan region of Nepal. Things were cool until someone brought the fireworks out and they all went screaming and yelling in different directions. It wasn't until yesterday that we were able to patch all of the damage and get the burnt fur smell out of the house.

6-28-2012 - Hanging out with BigFoot and the kids while we watch Wipeout. It's the Hottie's versus the Nerd's #2. If we had some bacon to snack on, it would be the perfect evening!

7-6-2012 - The kids, Bigfoot and i are at IHOP. Things were going well untill BigFoot ordered the all you can eat pancakes. I honestly think they may run out of pancakes.

7-11-2012 - Did anyone see Destination Truth last night? They were in search of BigFoot. Lets just say the fam and our BigFoot made a party out of it to include ribs and see who could eat the nuclear wings.

2-11-2013 - When last we left him, the humans were surrounding his location making all kinds of tree knocks, horrible yells and wearing those awful looking night vision goggles. BigFoot was in a predicament as he didn't know if the right course of action was to show his presence and interact with them or disappear into the undergrowth. He was torn over the decision due to the fact he had moved in with a bipedal group. This new experience had given him a new found interest and he had grown attached. As he mulled over his options in his mind, a biped stepped up next to him and looked in amazement. It was at that moment that BigFoot made up his mind. He reached his humongous harry hand out to the biped and said, "Very nice to meet you. Are you from around here?" The biped continued to stare at BigFoot and suddenly his eyes rolled back into his eyes and fell backwards into a tree. BigFoot then tilted his head back and forth taking a look at the fallen biped and trotted off into the woods away from the others.