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Bacon - The Nursery Rhyme for Dad

          Eating and consuming bacon in all its elegance is all one can desire. The tremendous smell will fill the nostrils with a glorious satisfaction. The taste of the air fills the tongue buds with anxious anticipation for upcoming triumph. The sounds of squeals are silenced and replaced with sizzling magic from a frying pan. The mind gives a moment of silence for the lost swine brethren. This moment is shattered when the crispy earthly perfection hits the lips of the consumer. Moments of joy overwhelm the senses and leave the addict wanting more. This repetitive act leaves the pan naked and without any regret. The disappointment comes in the form of eater withdrawal. The shakes are almost unbearable until realization strikes that grease is a consumable byproduct. After consuming a glassful of liquid heaven the day is only an emergency room away.


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By Jay W. Colvin