Comedy Short Stories

Scott's Corner

The Sharks Who Lived

           Once upon a time there where three sharks named Zane, Cat and Jay. One of the sharks got pregnant on Sunday. Jay's wife is named Nya. She has a job at Target. Jay got a job at Walmart. Then cat was a soldier and loved his job. Jay loves his job at Walmart. Zane found a job as a painter. Jay's wife loves painting and cleaning the house. Jay loves cleaning the car and taking naps. Cat loves shooting guns and taking a nap. Zane loves painting and being a Ninja. Cat's Dad loves taking a nap and cleaning the house. Zane's Dad loves napping. Soon Jay had kids and one of them was named PJ. Soon Cat had a wife named Siworks. Three years later, Cat and Siworks got married. Zane got married to Mary. And they lived happily ever after.